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Panacal L-Calcium Lactate



1. Unique technology in Japan to produce our product. It is a supreme high quality Calcium, Highly-Soluble form of Calcium and can be absorbs by our body easily.

2. Fortified with Vitamin D3, High Unit CPPIII( C.P.O.P) improves the body absorption of Calcium.

When do you need calcium supplements?

Children development
※When you have imbalanced diets



Direction and Dosage
1. Can be consumed directly. 10 to 30 balls for 2 to 3 times per day, 
2. Can be cooked with rice. Use 10-15 balls with one cup of rice for standard proportion.
3. Can be cooked with soup. Put 10-30 balls per serving.
4. Can be cooked with any kinds of dishes.

(information taken from Nefful's webpage)

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